My name is Laura Gaskell and I am the owner of Babbaboo Sleep and associate of The Sleep Nanny. Working in education for over 8 years I have extensive experience of working and educating children with special educational needs and working with and supporting parents.

  • Laura Gaskell: BA Hons, PGCE, Licensed Sleep Nanny, Dip. Advanced Child Psychology ( Certificate)
  • AfN Infant Nutrition ( Certificate)
  • RCGP Allergy Qualification ( Certificate)
  • Fully licensed and Sleep Nanny Qualified ( Certificate)
  • Continuing Professional Development for Sleep Nanny Academy ( Certificate)

I will work directly with you to identify your area of need and address your concern or worries. I will coach you throughout your sleep journey giving you the knowledge, tools and support to overcome sleepness nights.

Challenges of Parenting

Becoming a Mum has not just highlighted the challenges of parenting but has given me experiences that at times have been overwhelming...

...lonely and searching the internet for help. This has been the foundation for me to want to provide advice, guidance and invaluable support for families that are experiencing similar feelings. The internet is a fantastic tool and provides so much information but too often it is conflicting and can cause more added stress, contradictive answers and sadly, more worry.
Sleep is a healer and continual disturbed sleep makes parenting much more difficult and makes children and babies irritable, upset and over-tired. Sadly, many parents lie about their child’s sleeping habits ‘my child sleeps through’ when actually they don’t. Why are we embarrassed by this?! I aim to banish sleep disturbances in children as a taboo subject and reassure parents that at some point a LOT of babies and children struggle with sleep and I want to educate and provide parents with the knowledge and confidence to get their child back on track with their sleeping habits. Every child is capable of learning to fall asleep and it is underestimated how many children need help in learning to do this, it is a life skill and it does not just happen – that is where I will lead you through a bespoke plan and guide you through your sleep training.

Sleep Solutions

Babbaboo is a sleep consultancy that delivers a range of calm and holistic solutions to help families overcome one of the most challenging and lonely issues of parenting – sleep! ...

An associate of The Sleep Nanny I am fully trained and all of my plans are based on research of child psychology. My methods and approaches are individual to each family and will provide personable and supportive advice and guidance that will look at the child’s behaviours and routines.
I have first-hand experience of sleep deprivation and a child with a cow’s milk allergy; two things that are extremely stressful for both Mum and child.

Bespoke Packages

Babbaboo sleep packages are bespoke to each individual family. I provide insight into the problems around your child’s sleep and solutions that are gentle and most importantly, successful!

I believe a child needs to feel happy and safe in order to sleep well. I can look at your child’s routine considering things such as feeding, developmental milestones and temperament in order to tailor a sleep plan that will work for you. My job is to coach you, to allow you to feel confident enough to deliver a training programme that will work for you and your child. Too often, we blame ourselves for poor sleeping habits and this really shocks and upsets me, as parents we do the very best to care for our children and blame should not come into this. It is great that you recognise the need for improving your child’s sleep and with my help you can do it. Consultations can be carried out via video, phone or e-mail. Contact me for a FREE 15 minute consultation. +447732435436